Touma & Misaka love tribute 

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my changing friend

  • guys my friend just change i mean all of her attitude she was once a quiet one but now its like it happen in opposite, im the one know who's the quiet one and shes the loudmouth
  • and she sometimes makes me feel like im nothing to her and go with other girls,,,, i feel im unimportant to her anymore.. i do not want to go to the point that were going to be enemies know that the graduATion is approaching..
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sasuke uchiha( eternal mangekyo sharingan)

sasuke uchiha( eternal mangekyo sharingan)

Lie To Me MV: Julie Anne San Jose - I’ll Be There (with lyrics) 

An Extremely Goofy Movie[Full Movie in English] 

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Disney’s TANGLED “I See The Light” (Cover)